Stephen Fox

Coach | U10 Boys



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Other information


Steve has played soccer every year since he was 10 years old, almost without exception (work and/or injury has gotten in the way  2-3 of those years).  He's coached for over 10 years, or roughly since his daughter began playing.  Steve has been a certified coach for the last 2-3 years.

 Coaching Philosophy

Coach Fox's coaching philosophy is to (1) instill a love for the and game and (2) then demonstrate/introduce new aspects of the game when appropriate to each player's skill.  Ultimately, each player's passion will motivate their development.  From there , I hope to demonstrate the skills and game acumen needed to fulfill that passion.

Favorite Soccer Memory

Favorite soccer memories are generally associated with tournaments since these reflect a consistent and determined application of teamwork.

Favorite Soccer Player

Pele - for his inventiveness and class.

 Just for Fun

On the west coast, some of my favorite games were played in the rain (no lightning). Lightning/safety allowing, everyone should try a little mud ball.