May Day Volunteer Job Descriptions

At this time this is the only information we have for volunteering at May Day 2015.  

- More info to come by end of March 2015.


Field Marshal

  There will be one field marshal assigned to each field (with the exception of the U10 fields where you will be assigned two fields).  You are responsible for being visible and accessible if any issues arise with the field or the game.  You are NOT responsible for fixing the problem, but for bringing it to the attention of the tournament director or head referee so they can fix it.  Possible issues include:  no balls on the field, no ref on the field, problem with the net, a team does not show up, parents heckling a young ref or the players on the field.  This is a low stress job but a very important one…  just see the problem and tell someone so they can take care of it.  You may bring a chair to sit… don’t forget sunscreen.  **The last shift of field marshals on Saturday will finish their shift on clean up crew**


Field Prep

   There will be two days prior to May Day weekend (Sunday 4/27 and Friday 5/2) where the fields will need to be prepared.  **This job will require heavy lifting (goals, picnic tables, sandbags) so please do not sign up for this if you have a bad back…  You will also need to have a basic knowledge of soccer field layout** 



   You will direct parking…  One person will be stationed at the gate, one will be at the entrance of the parking field, and one person will be in the field assisting the people to park.  You can bring a chair for when traffic is slow.



  You will take pictures of the tournament…  Most importantly on the last day, team pictures of winning teams, but during down time please take pictures of kids playing.  You will need your own camera and not be afraid to be direct to get pictures of the teams…  any teams from any club.



   You will help with checking in teams.


Shoot Out

   You will sell the tickets for the U10 level shoot out.


Speed Gun

   One person will hold the speed gun and yell out the speeds.  One person will direct the line.  No speeds will be recorded and no prizes given.  This is just for fun.



  You will drive the carts around the park and give rides to people who need/want rides.  We ask that you don’t give rides to players unless they are with their families.  It is really to assist people with tents and coolers, not a team of kids who can walk.  **You must be over 21 years of age to do this job**